This phrase, thrown around quite a lot during the holidays, takes on a new dimension when you read the growing research showing that the poorest in America are also the most generous. It’s true. The least well-off actually give more of their incomes to charity than the wealthiest.

Wesley Cate has an interesting post over at Philanthropy Daily on this phenomenon. Cate even notes that the poor ramped up their giving during the Great Recession.

The organizations that Try Freedom Stories works with usually have a humble, unassuming founder. The founders see people around them struggling with an economic hardship or a social problem. And then they come up with an idea to make the situation better. The ideas come from the people who are living the same way as those they want to help. They also often have novel ways of getting things done in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

So, this season, investigate a local charity in your community – whether it be a program that offers holiday meals to the homeless or puts gifts for children under a tree. You will probably find that the person who started the charity has an inspiring story to tell. You might also find that the desire to get involved and do something for others around you can be infectious.