Market on the Move

The poor in our country do not have adequate access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Communities with high rates of poverty are sometimes called “food deserts.” Market on the Move is a story about helping the food deserts of Nogales, Tucson, and Phoenix bloom. A few enterprising volunteers and food bank organizers came together to build a program that would “rescue” the millions of pounds of produce that are thrown away every year; before it even reaches the grocery store.

Our documentary follows Lan, Estrella, and Ethel, three individuals who rescue the fresh produce. We also follow the trucks that distribute the food across Arizona and the individuals who now have access to fruits and vegetables for their families. Because of Market on the Move, children experience eggplant and fresh tomatoes for the first time and their parents have the security in knowing that dinner is on the table. What started with fliers posted on telephone polls around Tucson is now an organized machine that supplies produce to 22 mobile markets every season. This is not just the story of food rescue and how it can benefit impoverished communities. It’s the story of how a good idea is realized, without any real plan or resources; but only the hard work and connectivity of three individuals.


Posted on

June 6, 2020