Covid-19 Interviews

In this series, Molly Thrasher from Try Freedom Stories interviews local organizations on the front lines providing services during covid-19. Find out how they mobilized so quickly, how they learned what was needed by the community, and how you can help in your hometown. 

Try Freedom Stories is dedicated to showcasing local, grassroots solutions to social issue problems. We believe the problems in our society can only be solved by utilizing community knowledge as well as getting the buy-in from local communities.


 FLAG (Front Line Appreciation Group) north Orange County has responded to the coronavirus crisis by collecting donations, purchasing meals from local restaurants struggling to stay open, and buying meals for our front line workers. The group went from 0 to nearly 1000 followers, volunteers, and contributors in a little over a week! “Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

Orange Home Grown and Orange Community Foundation

When the local farmers market had to close because of Covid-19, two groups came together to make Orange signs people could display in their yards. The money raised for the signs went to the affected farmers and the produce was donated to Waste Not OC Coalition, which rescues food that would have been thrown away and gets it to people with food insecurity. 

Power of One

Since Covid-19 began, the Power of One Foundation have fed over half a million people with drive-up food distribution program! This quote from Shawnee really sums it up “It’s a season of change, people wanting to know, to be educated, to change, and come together. There’s a movement in this country of communities wanting to help communities”.

OneOC’s Emergency Volunteer Center

OneOC prepared the Emergency Volunteer Center years ago and mobilized it in March. Amazingly, they have connected 1800 local individuals to volunteer opportunities in OC. Try Freedom Stories interviews Cassi Palmer about how they have helped organizations get the volunteers they need during the pandemic.


KidWorks started as a neighborhood mentoring program in Santa Ana with a mission to restore at-risk neighborhoods… one life at a time. David Benavides was there since the beginning. But when Covid-19 hit, Kidworks had to figure out how to continue helping children and teens without any face to face interaction. They found that their services were needed now more than ever.

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